Facility Capabilities

The Flemington, NJ operation provides significant flexibility to companies seeking custom spray drying services. Summit Custom was designed to safely and efficiently handle a wide array of ingredients, and it has the ability to meet the specific batch building and spray drying requirements for each type of product.

Within a 100-mile radius of Flemington, central New Jersey is a home to many of the largest Flavor, Fragrance and Pharmaceutical companies. While many of the Summit Custom customers have a presence within this area, we routinely service accounts as distant as Florida and California.

The operations team has developed an expertise in the spray drying of flavors, encapsulated fragrances, and nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products. The team is very familiar with customer research and product development for scientific health care to every-day food and beverage consumption and fragrance specialties. A 10-pound water evaporation pilot lab dryer and its batch building and homogenization capabilities have proven to be quite valuable in accelerating product and process development for a number of Summit Custom’s customers.

While much of the toll spray drying industry is quite specialized, Summit Custom has the process design and the necessary skills required for the effective processing of high value / low volume and low value / high volume products. The attention to detail required to create the batching and dryer configurations for each product are the keys to optimizing both yield and quality for our customers.

The production spray dryers began with standard designs that were customized in order to accommodate the unique requirements of this diverse class of powders. The dryers incorporate explosion suppression and relief and thermal oxidation is required for any VOC and odorous products. The Flemington site is fully compliant with the EPA / NJ DEP Title 7 pollution control requirements.

The dryers and their mixing areas are physically segregated and designed to provide 100% access to all product contact surfaces to assure complete cleaning between products.

Completed batches are fed to the dryer via high-speed rotary atomization wheels, two fluid nozzles, or via high pressure feeds to single fluid nozzles, with the choice of atomization dependent upon the formulation and or desired functionality of the powder. Flow agent addition can be done at multiple points in the drying and conveying process to help fine tune the finished powder characteristics.

Drying rates are a function of the formulation chemistry, the amount of water in the mix and drying temperature constraints. The hourly powder output of the 14-foot flat bottom dryer ranges typically between 300 and 1,200 pounds, and the 10-foot conical dryer will generate between 50 and 500 pounds per hour.

To meet the future needs of its customers, the Flemington site has room for two additional comparably sized production dryers. Summit Custom also owns a new, food grade, flat bottom spray dryer system. This 4,000 pound water evaporation dryer and its support systems could be located in Flemington or at another site. Customer demands will likely dictate the location of that drying system as well as the configuration of the batch preparation capabilities to support it.