Custom Spray Drying

Summit Custom’s lean manufacturing team has more than 200 years of custom spray drying experience across its management and production staff. This experience led to modifications of standard equipment designs to allow for yield optimization across a wide array of different products. The facility is readily expandable to double its size and number of spray dryers, allowing for the dedication of drying systems to specific products. The company is committed to adding drying systems, and where necessary, modifying designs to meet the specific needs of its customers.

Our Flemington,NJ Site includes:

  • Pilot R&D Laboratory Dryer
  • 10-Foot Dryer/Segregated Batch Room
  • 14-Foot Dryer/Segregated Batch Room
  • High Pressure and High Shear Homogenizers
  • Twin 6,300 gallon bulk liquid storage tanks
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer for up to 3 spray dryers
  • Rotary Wheel, Single High Pressure Nozzle or Two-Fluid Atomization
  • Flow Agent Addition
  • Run Sizes from as little as 100 pounds to as much as 100,000 pounds

Large Volume Growth Opportunity

  • Summit Custom also owns the components of a new, 22-Foot Flat Bottom Dryer, with 4,000 pounds water evaporation capacity.
  • This dryer is ideal for food grade and larger volume nutritional products spray drying, and it can be located wherever the business demand warrants.